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Tuesday, July 4 10h30-16h00

Teaching Argentine Tango / Tango and poetry



1 workshop = 20€ / 2 = 36€ / 3 = 45€

Tuesday, 04 July 2023 : 10h30-16h00

3 workshops of 1h30 with Marina Carranza on the pedagogical transmission of Argentine tango.


Workshop 1 • 10h30-12h00 : The transmission in Argentine Tango, pedagogical tools 1* : methods and bases to teach tango.
Presentation of the fundamentals. Structuring and planning for the first years of learning. Choosing an adapted methodology.

Workshop 2 • 12h30-14h00 : Transmission in Argentine Tango, pedagogical tools 2* : about connection in teaching, "being connected to teach".
Exercises on connection and how to teach it: guidance, listening and dialogue from the point of view of the teacher.

Workshop 3 • 2.30-4pm: Tango and poetry: On interpretation and improvisation.
Starting from the reading of a tango, the idea is to link the body and the word. Inspired by the words of a tango, we will move towards the multiple possibilities of interpretation. Qualities of movement, intensities. The objective of this workshop is to nourish our personal choices to affirm our own style and explore creativity in dance.

| Level required: workshops 1 and 2 are for people who already teach or want to teach, minimum intermediate level // workshop 3 is for all levels.
| Language: French and Spanish
| Material required: comfortable clothes, practice shoes, a notebook.

  Location   Salle Osète
  6, rue du Lieutenant-Colonel Pélissier
  31000 - Toulouse

Metro A and B : Jean Jaurès station
The salle Osète is situated in the "Espace Duranti".



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