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Thursday, July 7 10h30-16h00

Tango Anatomy



45€ the whole day

Thursday, 07 July 2022 : 10h30-16h00

>> A one-day long workshop with Laure Fourest.



Tango Anatomy has developed extensive work on how the body functions in Tango based on the characteristics of anatomy. We will offer the opportunity to exchange on how we experiment with our body while dancing, on how we experience pleasure and discomfort, our delightful moments and our painful ones. We will seek solutions in order to prevent pain or discomfort while developing technical, musical and interactive qualities for dancing partners.

This year, the workshop will go deeper into the way our body deals with spiral movement (dissociation) in ochos/boleos and volcos.

Women are usually more used to the spiral movement than men who tend to under-rate it. We will deal with:

- the many ways we set foot on the floor so as to find energy from it.
- the position of our pelvis and how to protect lumbar vertabrae
- our back how to bring it to life
- the shoulder-blades and how to move them
- the elasticity and dynamic of our body
- work on the axis
- balanced guiding as well as managing energy in order to gain in comfort, power and precision
- harmony, tone and the relaxation of partners’ bodies to improve communication and connection while dancing.

This workshop is made for both dancers who already joined last year’s workshop and who will benefit from an extensive follow-up as well as for newcomers.


| Level required: this workshop is for advanced dancers as for beginners with at least 1 year of regular practice (please call Laure if you have any doubt)
Equipment: comfortable training clothing
-for leaders: loose trousers,tango shoes and socks
-for followers: no dress or skirt unless worn with leggings, high-heel shoes, flat shoes or comfortable socks.
-for all: taking notes is allowed, a mat/towel/small blanket or shawl advised.
| Language: the classes are given in French and can be translated into English and/or Spanish
| More info: 06 32 58 96 84 // par Facebook : Laure Fourest
| Booking: on our website or by calling Laure



  Location   Salle Osète
  6, rue du Lieutenant-Colonel Pélissier
  31000 - Toulouse

Metro A and B : Jean Jaurès station
The salle Osète is situated in the "Espace Duranti".



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