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Saturday, July 8 21h00-05h00

Grand milonga with Beltango Quinteto

MILONGA-CONCERT (traditionnelle + néo)


25€ / 22€ (TR1) / 20€ (TR2) // Pass WEEK-END // FULL PASS

Saturday, 08 July 2023 : 21h00-05h00

Here we go with a fabulous weekend of partying at the Sing Sing!
Air-conditioned dance halls with dance flooring, one room dedicated to neotango, two orchestras and a live duo, passionate DJs, relax and unwind areas, an outdoor space with food trucks, vendors and after parties that last all night long into the morning for those of you that want more!



• Milonga with Beltango Quinteto (Serbie)

Beltango carre


Beltango was founded in Belgrade, Serbia, 1998, by professor, bandoneonist and composer Aleksandar Nikolic.

Quinteto Beltango present all abundance of tango repertoire. Apart from traditional tango pieces, compositions of the tango nuevo trend of Astor Piazzolla and modern tango, they also present their own Beltango compositions from "Balkango" opus.

They have been equally successful in performing on large concert podiums, symphonic halls, theater stages, classical chamber halls, tango balls, gran milongas, festivals as well as in other places where the spirit of tango revives.

In their 20 years of artistic activities they have played more than 900 concerts in around 30 countries.


Aleksandar Nikolic : bandoneon / Ivana Nikolic : piano, voice / Antonija Barna : violin / Bogdan Pejic : guitar / Petar Holik : doublebass 

➙ More information

• DJ Virginia Uva (Argentina-France)

DJ Virginia site









• Show by Borja Alcalde Sainz & Christina Gomez

Borja Alkalde Sainz Christina Gomez carre site









This year, for this last weekend of the festival, neotango will have its own hall with a real floor and a professional sound system, for pure neo sound, during three days, and especially the nights, very long nights!

With TNT teamAnnaHubertThierry, Philneo DJs from France and abroad,  and VJ Philippe!

 -- AND ALSO... -- 

• Decoration by Lika Kato

• Snacks: the team of the Fourmidable restaurant and Moustache ice creams  will be there to satisfy your sweet and savoury cravings in the early evening!

• Stands: all weekend long, the Entonces and Tangoleike stands will welcome you wih their great collections of tango shoes and clothes!

• Shiatsu massage: Aidagara Shiatsu offers you all weekend seated shiatsu massages, from 20 min., as well as foot and/or leg massages with essential oils, to relax you at the end of the festival!

 -- AFTER --

From 3am in the main room:
To offer the little spice that reminds us that tango is above all a dance of improvisation, that our young musicians are talented and that they sometimes sublimely arrange the standards of immortal tangos, DJ Phil will propose :
* The most popular classic tangos of the last century, known to all
* Interpretations, arrangements and orquestrations by contemporary groups
* 3 songs tandas

After 4am, depending on how many dancers are staying:
* Either we keep going with tango recent orchestrations in the main hall if the dancers ask for more
* Or we progressively move towards a grouping of all the dancers to finish the night on neo music... We'll see!


To help you coming to the Sing Sing and leaving, you can use our free shuttle. It circulates between Patte D'Oie metro (line A) and the Sing Sing.

• To got to the Sing Sing: from Patte d'Oie metro (stops in front of the 1-2 avenue de Grande-Bretagne) to the Sing Sing > every 15mn, from 8:30pm to 11pm 
• To come back home, at the end of the night: from the Sing Sing (on the car park) to Patte d'Oie metro > every 15mn, from 1am to 3am (last metro)

If you are staying for the after beyond 3am, you might carshare or wait until the first metro at 5:30am.



  Location   Le Sing Sing
  90 Chem. de la Flambère
  31300 - Toulouse

Se rendre au Sing Sing : 

• Bus : ligne 63 (Tournefeuille <> Compans-Caffarelli) ou Linéo 2 (Colomiers <> Arènes), arrêt Flambère (à 6mn à pied du Sing Sing)
Tram : T1, arrêt Arènes Romaines (10mn à pied du Sing Sing)
Voiture : 
-sortie n°29 du périphérique de Toulouse
-sortie n°1 depuis l'autoroute A624 en arrivant de Auch

Pour se garer : stationnement gratuit dans les rues alentours ainsi que sur le parking du centre commercial Carrefour Purpan (malgré ce qui est indiqué sur les panneaux à l'entrée, l'accès au parking depuis le rond-point face au Gifi reste ouvert toute la nuit).

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