Monday, June 30 16h30-19h30

Eterna Milonga (Quai de la Daurade)

Outside Milongas


Monday, 30 June 2014 : 16h30-19h30

La Eterna Milonga

Eterna Milonga Tangopostale The Eterna Milonga is a very popular venue where milongueros gather every afternoon to dance outdoors in the shade of the trees along the Garonne River. It’s a great opportunity to organise car-pools for the Mermoz evenings and the Afters. The music at Eterna Milonga is played by different DJs to provide a variety of music to suit all tastes.





NEW! There will be a « Festivalgoers Chalet » open during the Eterna Milonga where you can find out more about the events organised, buy tickets, leave your bags (cloakroom managed in partnership with the Secours Catholique services), sign up for car-pools, etc.

There will also be a tent for the DJ and for the Turquoise brand dance shoes.


On Monday 30th June the milonga will be open late in the evening until midnight.
We have also booked a room not far from the Quai de la Daurade just in case of bad weather.

LIST OF 2014 DJs:

Monday: PYL (and Sue in the evening)

Tuesday: J.L.Vives

Wednesday: Martine Cazenave

Thursday: Prasen

Friday: Manu Lagoa

Saturday: Vivi La Falce

To find out more about these DJs, click on their name at the bottom of the page.

Free of charge.

Peoples (click on a name to get more informations)

  Location   Quai de la Daurade
  Quai de la Daurade
  31000 - Toulouse

danse 2daurade-nuit-2

Everyone loves the Eterna Milonga in the afternoons, in the shade of the trees. It is the most popular event every year in the feedback forms.

But at night, lit by the street lamps, facing the illuminated Hôtel Dieu and Pont Neuf, who would miss it?




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