Sunday, July 2 14h30-18h35



Sunday, 02 July 2017 : 14h30-18h35


Workshop offered by Nueva Guardia

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Charlotte Pédrant is a professional dancer, with a multi-dances background ranging from classic, jazz, cabaret, pole dance and, of course, tango. She has been practising tango since her 17, and she now teaches it in Marseille.
She met Cédric in a... pole dance class!

Cédric Tellier teaches martial arts (kung fu, tai ji quan) and tango.
He also practises salsa, bachata, kizomba and brasilian zouk.
Neotango aims to open tango to different styles of music and dancing moves that one can find in traditional tango, playing a bit more on open/close embrace (abrazo abierto/cerrado). In their class, the teachers will use nuevo or alternative tango music so that dancers will become more familiar with those kinds of music and can develop their own musicality skillset.
Two levels:
- level 1 (called "Cortinas"): beginners or intermediary, without problems with tango basics and moves.
- level 2 (called "Tandas"): Intermediary or advanced, you already know some figures such as voleos, sacadas, volcadas.

Saturday July 1st
2:30-3:45pm: Cortinas. Open embrace principles, transition between open and close embrace.
3:55-5:10pm: Tandas. Volcadas / variations // FREE class* for those who participated to the Cortinas class (level 1).
5:20-6:35pm: Tandas. Variations and transition between different elements (saccadas, barridas, volcadas, voleos, ganchos, etc.).
Sunday July 2d
2:30-3:45: Cortinas. Voleos.
3:55-5:10 : Cortinas. Variations and transition between different elements // FREE class* for those who participated to the Tandas class (level 2).
5:20-6:35: Tandas. Saccadas.

Free extra class (by Davina & Phil):

"The man suggests, the woman enjoys and takes advantage of it! We want to teach you some keys to sharpen your imagination, your musicality and your creativity. It is a way to approach the freedom within the couple, to better share the experience. A so "neo" exercise!"


Davina Brunot

"Passionate by tango, I love dancing with its technical sophistication as much as I love its codes and its music. Tango being a social dance, it seems to me that the pleasure that we feel in milongas should also be found in class. I think classes are also important places for exchanging, where everyone comes with his own knowledge, motivation and nice mood." Miss D.

Tango, swing and blues dancer, Phil loves to switch between different dances. He started as a DJ in blues evenings, before offering to the Toulouse dancers mensuals alternative tango nights, with his association Nueva Guardia. He teaches tango in Toulouse. 


• 1 class (duration: 1h15): 20 €
• 2 classes: 35 €
• 3 classes: 45 € + 1 free extra class (4 total then)
* The dancers who will choose the pass 3 classes will be offered a free extra class given by Phil and Davina!
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Tango class proposed by Nueva Guardia

  Location   Studio Hop
  4 bis, avenue de Rangueil
  31400 - Toulouse

Go to the Studio Hop:

> Metro station Saint-Agne-SNCF (line B) and then 5 min. walking
(For the neolongas, metro until 3am on Saturday and 12pm on Sunday, then carsharing until the first metro at 5:30am)
> By car: exit n°23 b 



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