(MJC du Pont des Demoiselles)" />

Wednesday, July 1 22h00-03h00

Milonga : "Milonga doble" with DJ FRED2GAP
(MJC du Pont des Demoiselles)

Milonga (no concert)

Highlight and ball

Wednesday, 01 July 2015 : 22h00-03h00

Milonga doble


In the main room, DJ Fred2Gap (very well-known by many tango festival-goers) will delight you with the quality of his music, while in another room you can dance to alternative tango music put together by regional DJs.


Tickets: €8
Watch out: tickets cost €1 more if you buy them upon arrival - avoid the queue!

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  Location   MJC du Pont des Demoiselles
  63 bis, avenue Saint-Exupéry
  31400 - Toulouse


To get there BY CAR
Place St Pierre Place Pont Neuf  Bus 10
Click to see bigger

If you have no car, it's easy by BUS

From Place St Pierre wall 700m to reach Place du Pont Neuf.
Cross the place (not the bridge) and take bus n° 10 (against the direction of CAR trafic), departure every 10-15mn
Bus stop 'Dufour' just in front of the MJC.

back to center town by night bus n° 10S. trip time : 19mn. Until 1 AM.

After 1AM, use car-sharing or eventually the free shuffles.



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