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Wednesday, July 3 12h30-16h00

Comfort in the dance and specific sources of movement



20€ for 1 workshop / 36€ for 2

Wednesday, 03 July 2019 : 12h30-16h00

2 breakaway workshops of 1 hour and 30 minutes with Christophe Apprill et Laure Fourest.

Christophe Apprill and Laure Fourest have been working together since 2017. Their event is based on special attention to comfort in the dance and the specific sources of movement in the dance.

They propose two workshops each including a moment of body awareness or awakening:

  • 12h30-14h00: Internal movement and the taking of up of space
  • 14h30-16h00: Dynamics, rhythm and energy

It is preferable to register in couple (eg leader and follower).

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The teachers:

Laure Fourest
By exploring some of the wonderful and fascinating workings of our body, Tangoanatomie looks for solutions to some of the difficulties faced by all tango dancers at one point or another of their learning. It is not a classical tango class structured around the learning of a step or a sequence, or a womans’ technique course as far as it is aimed at the leader as well as the follower, but rather an opportunity to tackle this or that physical difficulty that plagues our dance, thanks to the understanding and sensory integration of specific anatomical elements.

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As a result of his wealth of experience in dancing research and experimentations, Christophe Apprill has developed a personalized pedagogy where he invites his students to find inner movement and develop active listening skills between partners.
Interpreter in several companies (Catherine Berbessou, Christine Fricker), he is the author of several books on tango dance.

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Christophe Apprill will also run two workshops on Tuesday, July 2nd from 14:30 to 16:00 and on Wednesday, July 3 from 10:30 to 12:00. Laure Fourest will propose a tangoanatomy day on Thursday, July 4th.

  Location   Salle Osète
  6, rue du Lieutenant-Colonel Pélissier
  31000 - Toulouse

Métro A et B : station Jean Jaurès
La salle Osète se trouve dans l'espace Duranti.




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