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Évènements pré-festival

Sunday, July 10 11h00-15h30

Maestros workshops - Vanessa Gauch & Esref Tekinalp

STAGE Maestros


25€ a workshop // 20€ per worskhop from 3 workshops booked **

Sunday, 10 July 2022 : 11h00-15h30

>> 8 workshops of 1h30 with Vanessa Gauch & Esref Tekinalp. 


• Friday 8th of July (at salle Osète):

     Workshop 1: 11h-12h30: Tango - Connection and communication, differences and uses of the axis and the frame (all levels)

     Workshop 2: 14h-15h30: Waltz - Waltz feelings: loops and phrases (beginner & intermediary)

     Workshop 3: 16h-17h30: Tango - The cortados, different effects and dynamics (intermediary & advanced)

• Saturday 9th of July (at salle Osète):

    Workshop 4: 11h-12h30: Tango - Musicality: rhythmic expression (all levels) 

    Workshop 5: 14h-15h30: Milonga - All forms of milonga: from lisa to traspié (beginner & intermediary)

    Workshop 6: 16h-17h30: Ballroom tango - Use of the free leg for lapiz, enrosques and boleos (intermediary & advanced)

• Sunday 10th of July (at the Maison du Tango - Tangueando):

    Workshop 7: 11h-12h30: Leaders technique - Balance and elegance when walking, doing lapices and enrosques (all levels, leaders only) 

    Workshop 8: 14h-15h30: Followers technique - Balance and dynamic of the ochos, or how to add embellishments (all levels, followers only)

| Language: French / English
| Registration: no need to register in couple, but an equal number of leaders and followers will be guaranteed.  
| ** Booking: you must be a member of the association to participate. To become a member, don't forget to registrate online (3€) before booking the workshops! 

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