Tuesday, July 4 14h00-16h30

Tango Café


Tuesday, 04 July 2017 : 14h00-16h30

Tango Café

Place for coming together of cultures, the Café Tango gets together both professionals and amateurs of tango and Latin-American culture at the tea room of the Librairie Ombres Blanches (section langues étrangères).

On the programme: readings, tales, music, exhibitions, projections, round tables, tastings...



Monday, July 3rd 
- introduction to the work of Justino Serralta by Jorge Stirling
- lecture by Pedro Ochoa on "Tango and cinema"


Tuesday, July 4th
- The Dancing, short film by Édith Lepaule
- "The tango couple in literature", a reading by Solange Bazely
- « charla » (talk) with the Luna-Tobaldi Duo (SP+FR)


Wednesday, July 5th
- musical break with Isabelle Ottria (singing) & Vidal Rojas (guitar)
- presentation of the book La Cumparsita, el tango universal by Alberto Magnone (SP+FR)


Thursday, July 6th

- encounter with the Tanino Trio (SP+FR)
- lecture by J. F. Carballo, "El Uruguayan tango, myths and reality"


Friday, July 7th

- musical break with Ana Norro (ventriloquist) and Laurent Letassey (bandoneon)
- lecture by Christophe Apprill, "Listening and attentiveness on tango" (see the complementary workshop)


Saturday, July 8th

For young and old alike!
- tales from Patagonia by Mara
- snack offered by the restaurant Caminito
- musical break with Winner Team (clarinet & bandoneon)



  Location   Librairie Ombres Blanches (langues étrangères)
  3, rue Mirepoix
  31000 - Toulouse

Attention, les Cafés tango ont lieu dans l'espace langues étrangères, 3 rue Mirepoix ! À ne pas confondre avec la librairie principale !

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