Saturday, July 8 21h00-03h00

Sexteto Visceral (Argentina)


Saturday, 08 July 2017 : 21h00-03h00

Sexteto Visceral (Argentina)

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2 rooms, 2 styles and an outdoor dance floor of 200m²! After party starting at 3am!
Tango demonstration by Lucila Cionci and Rodrigo "Joe" Corbata


Since its creation in 2011, Sexteto Visceral performed countless concerts in Buenos Aires milongas and theatres, in the Gran Milonga Nacional and across Argentina. Representative of the new Argentinian scene, Sexteto Visceral roots itself in the traditional porteña music while giving to the genre a new impetus through arrangements and original compositions. The orchestra considers itself as a team in which each member brings its personal and innovative touch. Thus placing creative freedom and improvisation at the heart of their music.

Virtuosos of their instrument, the young and impetuous musicians of the sextet perform their ancestors repertoire (d’Arienzo, Pugliese...) with an amazing energy and a unique style!

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Francisco Ferrero, piano - Nicolás Maceratesi, bandoneon - Mauro Paternoster, guitar - Martín Wainer, double bass - Cecilia Barrales, cello - Javier Kase, violin - Hernán Fernández, voice

The evening will continue with DJ Céline Devèze (traditional / main hall) and OtrosTangos (alternative / hall 2).


DJ Céline Devèze
Céline Devèze revisits the golden age of tango and suggests a musical journey from the 1920s to the 1950s, without neglecting more modern orchestrations of these songs. Also a dancer, she developed a particular sensibility, a "milonguera" approach behind her turntables. Her taste for dynamic music favours emotion among the dancers, while preserving everyone intimacy. Her discerning and delicate programming conquered a large audience in France and all around Europe. Céline Devèze is a co-founder of the association Cariño Tango, she teaches tango and frequently performs as a DJ abroad. She organises an event in Nice that has become cult : the Passionaria Milonguera.
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The OtrosTangos team was created at the end of 2015 so to organise alternative performances (milongas, workshops...) for the festival Tangopostale. It gathers local DJs interested in the alternative movement and invites International DJs. Otherwise Otros Tangos initiated the "tango flashes" which announce the festival and the Tango & History walks. OtrosTangos will renew the experience of the Nocturna, which had a resounding success in 2016! The principle is the following: during 30min or more, the room is plungled into total darkness; you can’t see anything, except the fluorescent bracelets... No tandas, no cortinas, the exchange of dance-partner is encouraged after each song. Thrills guaranteed!

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Evening presented by Karin Emrich
And also: nocturna, tango village, bar, restaurant, relaxation area, réflexology...


21h - 22h : 1st set DJ
22h - 23h : 1st set orchestra
22h : opening room 2 (alternative)
22h45 - 23h : demo 
23h - 00h : 2nd set DJ
00h - 1h : 2nd set orchestra
1h - 3h : 3rd set DJ
Nocturnas (room 2) : 23h40 & 1h20


Prices : 

Evening only: 22/20/18 €

Duo pass (evening of July 7th and 8th*): 40/36/32 €

Trio Pass (evening of July 7th and 8th + despedida)*: 46/42/38 €

Special offer Duo+ (evenings of July 7th and 8th + pass Eterna Milonga)*:

45/41/37 €
Special offer Trio+ (evenings of July 7th and 8th + despedida + pass Eterna Milonga)*: 51/47/38 €
*Offers available only on Festik.

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Please note: free shuttles will handle the link Ramonville-Saint-Agne (metro ligne B) <-> salle des fêtes de Ramonville on the 7th and 8th of July. Details coming soon...

  Location   Salle des fêtes de Ramonville
  rue Irène Joliot-Curie
  31520 - Ramonville-Saint-Agne

Map to reach the salle des fêtes de Ramonville


• By car: exit n°19 (Ramonville) then follow the Parc technologique du Canal
• By bike: a short ride from Toulouse city centre along the Canal du Midi!
• By metro: line B, stop at Ramonville. We are setting up a regular shuttle between the venue and the metro at the beginning and end of the evening (last metro departure: Friday & Saturday = 3am / 12am on Sunday // first departure = 5.15am). And for departures after 3am, carsharing!


Shuttle schedule: 
• Friday & Saturday: 
-Going = from Métro Ramonville Saint-Agne to Salle des fêtes de Ramonville: every 15mn, from 8:30pm until 11pm
-Coming back = from Salle des fêtes de Ramonville to Métro Ramonville Saint-Agne: every 15mn, from 1am until 2:45am

• Sunday: 
-Going = from Métro Ramonville Saint-Agne to Salle des fêtes de Ramonville: every 15mn, from 2pm until 4pm
-Coming back = from Salle des fêtes de Ramonville to Métro Ramonville Saint-Agne: every 30mn, from 6pm until 11:30pm




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