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Wednesday, July 3 21h30-21h32

Milonga : Bal on the quai de la Daurade (along the bank of the Garonne)

Milonga (no concert)


Wednesday, 03 July 2013 : 21h30-21h32

Ball on the Quai de la Daurade

daurade de nuit



After the concert of Derrotas Cadenas in Saint Pierre des Cuisines, you are invited to dance in the beautiful surroundings of the Quai de la Daurade on the banks of the Garonne, to the music of Susana and enjoy the best orchestras of the Golden Age and other times.


An unforgettable evening dancing outdoors in a dream like world.



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  Location   Quai de la Daurade
  Quai de la Daurade
  31000 - Toulouse

danse 2daurade-nuit-2

Everyone loves the Eterna Milonga in the afternoons, in the shade of the trees. It is the most popular event every year in the feedback forms.

But at night, lit by the street lamps, facing the illuminated Hôtel Dieu and Pont Neuf, who would miss it?




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