• Careful, the initiation takes place at Saint-Georges square (and not Saint-Pierre...) !
• Milonga workshop with Phil & Peggy : cancelled
• Change in the schedule : the Noche at salle Osète will close at 2am (instead of 2:30am)

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Thursday, July 4 19h30-23h59

Dinner, Ball and concert with El Cachivache (Place Arnaud Bernard)

Concert and Milonga


Thursday, 04 July 2013 : 19h30-23h59

Dinner, Ball and concert with El Cachivache

Evening organized in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Chamber of Trade and the City and

8 place Arnaud Bernard TOULOUSE


Arnaud Bernard

After an aperitif at 19:30 that links the evening with the afternoon activities of Acuerdo Latino, see Spectacle-Animation-Initiation : GÉOGRAPHIES SOUTERRAINES (Place Arnaud Bernard), The evening will begin with a meal at 20h.
Dj CyberChris (Montpellier, France), with his international experience will provide music for the evening and will certainly please the diverse audiences, guests, spectators and tangueros/ tangueras present.
To learn more about him, click the link below.

El Cachivache

As a highlight, the Argentine quartet El Cachivache with a singer, who are highly appreciated by tango dancers, will bring the energy and atmosphere of Bilbao for our delight and pleasure. (see the sheet below for more details).









FITT in partnership with Catholic Relief will look after your handbag or pocketbook etc from 20h to 24h, in a nearby a cloakroom in the Ostalada, 22 place Arnaud Bernard. Your financial contribution (€ 1 per bag) will finance this cultural center.


Concert and ball are free





Restaurant are so eager to please : booking is advised


  • LA TABLE A JULES (05 61 21 87 38)
         There will be a small menu with dishes at € 15 : e.g. Spanish dish (lomo, grilled sausage, patatas, etc.).
         paella, fideua, arroz negro
         or 3 course Spanish-style menu 20 € (starter, main course, dessert)
  • L'ORIENTAL (05 61 22 75 10)
         à la carte between 15 and 20 € :
         tagines, couscous, confit with salad, oriental pastries
  • LE CAMINITO (05 61 23 51 74)
         empanadas stand
         South American wines to enjoy throughout the evening ...


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