Wednesday, July 3 14h00-16h00

Guided tour: In the footsteps of Carlos Gardel, the voice of tango

Visites guidées


Wednesday, 03 July 2013 : 14h00-16h00

In the footsteps of Carlos Gardel, the voice of tango


parcours gardel We start the tour from the ancient hospital known as La Grave, on the left bank of the Garonne, then we will visit the Galerie des Arcades and Capitol Square, and, you will discover the family background, the memorials and tributes to a son of Toulouse that became the VOICE of the Rio de la Plata.
The tour will be punctuated by songs, and music to celebrate the creator of sung Tango , whose work is classified by UNESCO since 2003. The tour includes :


* Maternity Hospital in La GRAVE his birthplace..
* 16 Allée de BARCELONA, and the Occitan roots of the "MAESTRO".
*The monument in the garden COMPANS CAFFARELLI and 4 Rue de Canon Arcole, where he took his first steps.
* Place Arnaud Bernard, mecca of TANGO.
* CAPITOLE the Galerie des Arcades, where GARDEL is recognised in the pantheon of famous Toulousains


carlos gardel visite  1

This visit will be conducted and narrated by Christiane BRICHETEAU, writer and specialist in the history of Carlos Gardel.

Those who wish to continue and extend their knowledge can then continue onto a lecture in the Espace EDF Bazacle where Christiane Bricheteau will comment on « Carlos Gardel and the universe of Tango », from 16;15 to 17.00 in the Level-2 Gallery called « de l'Oeil ».
Refreshments will be provided by Tangopostale.

cf. Exposition : Carlos Gardel ou le tango universel (Espace EDF Bazacle)

NB : For a more complete route, see website of the Tourist Office






tarif : gratuit
Rendez-vous place Lange à l'entrée de La Grave à 14h.




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