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La Nocturna

Dancing like you never did before.

For the 7th Tangopostale (2015), associations Nueva Guardia and la Colmena offered a bran new event in the middle of their after.

This year the OtrosTangos group organizes it several times, during the alternative part of the main milongas.

How does it work?

Each dancer wears two phosphorescent identical bracelet, a specific one and another for follower, or two different bracelets if the dancer assumes both roles.
The principle is the following one: during half an hour or may be more, there will be no light in the room, so you will see nothing, except bracelets and, others phosphorescent lights which prevent you from striking. There is no tandas, no cortinas. we prefer the exchange of partner after every piece, everybody can invite!
It is useful to say that every one has to control, to avoid ganchos, voleos, and to favor the milonguero.


on Friday 8th and on saturday 9th, 2 milongas at night, the first one at 23h30 (30/45 minutes), the second one at 1h30. On sunday 3th : 18 h in the evening, then 20 h and 22 h.

The number of people in the room is limited to 40, we are obliged to plan inscriptions …

Please register for the first one in the room of the top.
We will give you a bracelet corresponding to the chosen schedule. After the nocturna, we have to put down bracelets in the basket.

When can I see this event ? :

Have a good dance... Otros Tangos D.J.s

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