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Thursday, July 7 16h30-18h30

DJ workshop



90€ for the 2 days

Thursday, 07 July 2022 : 16h30-18h30

>> A 4h-workshop on 2 days with DJ Anna Neum, organised by Let's dance. 

You have a musical ear, and the desire to propose your musical universe to tango dancers? Discover during this course the basics of DJing with a DJ Neo tango of international renown.
Whatever your background and level, it's possible!


-- CONTENT --  

Thursday 7th of July • 16h30-18h30 :

Anna will start with an introduction to history of music, to find parallels between tango and other styles of music, to be able to identify the musical criteria that inspire the dance.

You will learn to create an atmosphere that holds the dance, with variations of energies, and how to collect music, build an organised library and create coherent sets.

• Presentation of the main software
• How to use the audio player, the bpm detector and the tonality detector
• Work sequence on streaming services 


Friday 8th fo July • 16h30-18h30 :

The second day is dedicated to DJ techniques: beatmatchingcross over, use cues, create loops, mix, use AutoDJ tool, when to synchronise or not...
You will finish with practical exercises: use the software with all the skills and sensibilities acquired.


BONUS ! Participants will have the opportunity to present a set of their composition during the neo milongas in Ramonville, at the restaurant Marins d eau douce! An opportunity to DJ in real conditions, under the supervision of Anna Neum!

| Equipment: bring your own computer, a headset, and download and install a pre-DJ program: MIXXX example (freeware) or MediaMonkey, Winamp or any other program if you already have one you are used to.
Booking: more than recommended

  Location   Chapelle Saint-Michel
  18 Grande Rue Saint-Michel
  31400  - Toulouse



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